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Avon Wheelchair Ramps

Mobility solutions from Avon Wheelchair Ramps provide safe and dependable access for people

with limited mobility. These can be used with wheelchairs, walkers, power chairs, and other



Our wheelchair ramps come in a variety of materials, lengths, and configurations. We can

customize them according to your needs!

Wheelchair Avon Ohio your source for the best ramps in Cleveland

About Avon Wheelchair Ramps


When it comes to top-quality wheelchair ramps and other mobility solutions, Avon Wheelchair

Ramps is the best choice in Ohio. Our lengthy experience, unparalleled expertise, and integrity

have allowed us to get complete projects with remarkable speed and efficiency.


It is important to know that there are different types of wheelchair ramps; with modular,

threshold, and portable as the most common. But they all have the sample purpose, which is to provide safe, comfortable, and reliable access to homes, businesses, and other places for people with difficulty walking.


A wheelchair ramp may be the best solution if you want a low-rise application with fast

installation and minimal maintenance. At Avon Wheelchair Ramps, our expert installers will

study your needs to determine the perfect mobility solution for your situation. You can be

confident of our commitment from beginning to end.



Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are accessibility features that are shaped like a wedge. These can be made of

heavy-duty rubber or aluminum, and are placed under a doorway, step, or any other uneven

surface to allow wheeled machinery to roll across.


Avon Wheelchair Ramps install threshold ramps that allow users of wheeled devices to

overcome short movement obstacles. These devices include wheelchairs, power scooters, and power chairs.


Modular Ramps

Avon Wheelchair Ramps’ modular systems offer highly-customizable solutions to meet your

individual needs. These modular ramps are remarkable safe and durable for different types of mobility devices.


Our modular ramps are not only easy and fast to install, but they also have low maintenance

requirements and can even increase your home’s market value.


Portable Ramps

The portable ramps from Avon Wheelchair Ramps are available in various lengths to cater to a range of elevation. All of them are heavy-duty, which means they are capable of carrying

hundreds of pounds. We also make sure that their design is ergonomic for easy storage and



Whether the situation demands a temporary accessibility features or an on-the-go ramp, a

portable ramp from us is the solution. Did we mention that we offer competitive rates?



Lightweight Ramp

Lightweight wheelchair ramps are the flexible solution for residential and commercial settings.

These provide better accessibility to any area they are installed. We recommended lightweight ramps for temporary access because they are effortless to transport.


The ramps from Avon Wheelchair Ramps may be lightweight, but they are surely durable and

resistant to outdoor elements.


Call Avon Wheelchair Ramps Now!


Not sure what type of wheelchair ramp to install? Call us now! Our expert installers can help you

determine the most appropriate ramp for your situation.

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