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Lakewood Wheelchair Ramps

Lakewood Wheelchair Ramps is still Ohio’s most experienced installer of wheelchair ramps and

other mobility solutions!


We’ve served thousands of people, both residential and commercial! No matter your needs, we

guarantee excellent results.


Get your wheelchair ramps, grab bars, and other mobility solutions at the most affordable rates in


Wheelchair ramps Westlake Ohio for all needs

Quality  Mobility Solutions for All Settings


Lakewood Wheelchair Ramps is a trusted mobility solution provider in Ohio. We are dedicated

to improving the design, accessibility, and safety of healthcare facilities, commercial buildings,

firehouses, schools, churches, and other places by installing quality wheelchair ramps, grab bars,

and other solutions.


Our staff is highly trained in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. This is how our transactions go:


1.     We will study the location to make the necessary calculations and to determine the

most appropriate materials.

2.     We will draw a detailed proposal which includes the total cost.

3.     The necessary paperwork will be prepared.

4.      The installation will begin.

5.     Our team will clean up the area and test the installation.


From quotation to after-sales service, you can expect professionalism and care. This can be

confirmed by our previous clients!



Why Choose Lakewood Wheelchair Ramps


Length of Service


Lakewood Wheelchair Ramps has been serving the Ohio community for years now. We are able

to maintain our spot as a trusted installer of mobility solutions because of our customer-driven

services. In every project, expect our 100%.


Fully Licensed

We have the permits and licenses required by the state and the overseeing agencies to operate as

installers of wheelchair ramps, grab bars, and other mobility solutions. All of our projects

conform to the current ADA Standards for Accessible Design.



Professional Installers

All of our installers have gone through rigorous training before they are allowed to handle any

projects. This training includes planning, material design and selection, carpentry, ironworks,

and other related subjects. We make sure that they are up to date with the latest trends and

technologies in mobility solutions through seminars and training.


Individualized Service

We know that not all customers are the same and in order to deliver the best results possible, we

must deliver individualized service. Our installers can adjust the wheelchair ramps and grab bars

according to your needs while upholding the industry standards.


Top-notch Materials

To ensure that our projects last for a long time, we use only high-quality projects. These include

the smallest components of the wheelchair ramps and grab bars. We check the integrity of the

entire material before and after installation.


Affordable Rates

Lakewood Wheelchair Ramps offers more affordable rates than many other mobility solutions

provider in Ohio. Our passion is with community service and for that reason, we strive to keep

our rates as affordable as possible without compromising quality.

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