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Parma Wheelchair Ramps

Ramps are a practical alternative to conventional stairs because almost anybody can use them. Stairs do not offer the same level of accessibility as ramps, particularly to those who use wheelchairs, walkers, crane, or crutches. With ramp installation from Param Wheelchair Ramps, your property can be more equitable.


Parma Wheelchair Ramps offer installations in both residential and commercial properties. Call us now to get a quote!

Parma Wheelchair ramps are your key for staying at home

Residential Ramps


Your home must be welcoming to everyone, including those with limited movement. Parma Wheelchair Ramps can help turn your residential property more accessible for them. 


Residential Ramps are suitable for homes with household members who are having difficulty walking up and down the stairs. Whether it is for a permanent arrangement or a temporary living situation, we are prepared to help you. 


Parma Wheelchair Ramps install safe and durable ramps for residential properties of any size. We do not want to disrupt your flow, that is why we make it a point to complete the installation as fast as possible risking quality.



Commercial Ramps


Businesses must strive to make their commercial properties accessible to everyone. If customers find it hard to enter your premises, you might lose potential income. Furthermore, your business could inadvertently make other customers feel excluded—simply because you do not have ramps. Some of your employees or ideal candidates may also need mobility assistance. 


Make sure that your business is accessible to all by hiring Parma Wheelchair Ramps to install mobility solutions. This way, you are not only inviting income and talent, you are also letting the community know that your business accepts and respects individuals with physical limitations.



We Are ADA Compliance

Any structure built after 1992 must adhere with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This law requires shopping centers, apartment complexes, recreational facilities, and others to provide access to people with physical abilities. The standards must be complied upon before any business is allowed to operate.

While financial limitations may be considered for smaller businesses, hiring Parma Wheelchair Ramps to install mobility solutions is a legally-sound and cost-efficient move. We have cost-efficient solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Call us now to schedule an installation.


We Are Committed to Customer Service


The core of Parma Wheelchair Ramps is customer service. Everything that we do is driven by our commitment to helping improve the quality of life of those with physical limitations and their loved ones. This is why our professional installers thoroughly study the individual needs of our customers—to ensure that they get exactly what they need.


Parma Wheelchair Ramps guarantees transparency from beginning to end. We will gladly listen to your suggestions and cater to your concerns from quotation to post-installation.


If you want the best wheelchair ramps in Ohio, call us.

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