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Mentor Wheelchair Ramps

Serving both residential and commercial properties, Mentor Wheelchair Ramps is dedicated to providing top-rated accessibility solutions in and out of Ohio.


Our installers are highly-trained in setting up different types of wheelchair ramps of various lengths. They will first conduct an on-site evaluation to get a full understanding of your situation and to identify the necessary modifications. Whether it’s a private residence, school, business, church, or a public area, Mentor Wheelchair Ramps is ready to take on the job.

Wheelchair ramps Mentor Ohio are the best way to make your life easier

We Aim for Customer Satisfaction

Mentor Wheelchair Ramps is a locally-owned and operated mobility solutions provider with clients throughout the city of Ohio. Our secret to earning the trust and respect of the community is a commitment to customer satisfaction.


We know that our products affect other people’s lives, and for that reason, we always give our 100%. In any project, the goal is always to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with our work. This is achieved by combining installation expertise, attention to detail, technical precision, and passion for community service.



Why Choose Mentor Wheelchair Ramps?


Well-Experienced Installers

When it comes to wheelchair ramp installation, our technicians are veterans. All of them have been trained hard to ensure that you get only the best results.


Prompt Installation

After you’ve chosen an accessibility solution, we will find the most convenient date possible for you.  We know how wheelchair ramps can affect your daily routine, so it’s our objective to complete the installation in the timeliest manner.


Fast Evaluations

Under regular conditions, we conduct evaluations within the day. If not, it will surely be the next day. 


Top-Notch Materials

Our installers have in-depth knowledge about the materials used in accessibility solutions. They check each product thoroughly to ensure that they are 100% safe and durable enough for your applications.


Professional and Friendly

Our staff will work with you from evaluation to installation. Do not hesitate to ask us anything even after installation. We would gladly answer your queries. We, at Mentor Wheelchair Ramps, highly uphold the code of professionalism. But we are also your friends.


Outstanding Customer Support

Our installers would be glad to listen to your concerns and recommendations. If anything is unclear to you, let us know. We always acknowledge the voice of our customers because, at the end of the day, it is their safety and satisfaction that is important.


Locally Owned and Operated

We are a home-grown company, which means we know Mentor by heart. Knowing all the streets and corners in the city, we are able to respond fast to customers. We are also aware of local rules and regulations, and all other local factors that should be considered in this industry.

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