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Cleveland Heights Wheelchair Ramps

Installing a wheelchair ramp can make your home or business not only more accessible, but can also put it in a positive light. For homeowners, it provides safe and easy access for their friends and relatives with mobility limitations. For businesses, it can convey a message that your business  accepts anybody with physical challenges. And for this job, trust only the experts, like Cleveland Heights Wheelchair Ramps.

Wheelchair Ramps Cleveland Heights

Honest and Practical Advice from Cleveland Heights Wheelchair Ramps

Different mobility solutions vary considerably in design. Careful consideration is needed to ensure that you get the most appropriate solution. The experts at Cleveland Heights Wheelchair Ramps can advise you in choosing an accessibility feature for your home or business.


It is important to know that not all wheelchair ramps are the same. Without the guidance of experts, you might purchase the wrong device. Our professional installers will study your situation and find a solution for it. We will be honest with you and discourage you from any set up that’s not suitable for your needs.


On-site or Remote Evaluation from Cleveland Heights Wheelchair Ramps

Proper evaluation is crucial before installing any accessibility feature around your property. This is because the property obstacles, such as stair height and ground levels, may vary per property. We do not rely on one, single design. Cleveland Heights Wheelchair Ramps provides customized products and services to make sure that our customers get exactly what they need.


We can also provide remote evaluation if an on-site visit is not convenient at the moment. The quotation will be based on the photos and size of your property. 



Prompt Installations from Cleveland Heights Wheelchair Ramps

It is our objective to help those with physical limitations accomplish more things despite their condition. This is why we’ve trained our installers to complete every project at the earliest time possible while upholding industry standards.



Wheelchair Ramp Considerations


Take note that there are multiple types of wheelchair ramps. The most common of them are portable, threshold, and modular ramps. But it is important to understand that each of these is only effective in certain situations. For example, portable ramps can provide easy accessibility for modest elevations, whereas vertical platform lifts can take you higher.


Don’t worry because our professional wheelchair ramp installers will take all factors into consideration.


Discuss Your Needs with Us Now!

Cleveland Heights Wheelchair Ramps is always ready to deliver quality mobility solutions across the state of Ohio. Call us now to discuss your situation and get a quotation. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!

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